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Gian Giacomo GuelfiGian Giacomo Guelfi      Ref: H156
Récital opéra
7,50 HT (TVA 20%)

Manon Lescaut - Puccini 2CDManon Lescaut - Puccini 2CD      Ref: H250
Tucker-Tebaldi-Guarrera-Corena; MET 17.01.1959 Cleva 2CD ADD
13,33 HT (TVA 20%)

Mos-Rossini 2CDMosè-Rossini 2CD      Ref: H251
Mose (Version 1827)
Nicola Rossi Lemeni, Agostino Lazzari, Giuseppe Taddei, Gianni Jaia, Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma della RAI, Tullio Serafin
13,33 HT (TVA 20%)

Don Juan de ManaraDon Juan de Manara      Ref: H336
Henri Tomasi (1901-1971)
Don Juan de Manara (sung in German)

Bernd Aldenhoff, Marianne Schech, Kieth Engen, Paul Kuen
Munich live 28.05.1956
Andre Cluytens conducting

Bernd Aldenhoff was one of the most admired Tenors in the early 50's. As he died to soon in 1959, his recorded legacy is very small. Therefore we are proud to release the Premiere recording of the fabulous Tomasi Opera with him as the leading singer.
Andre Cluytens is conducting, an other reason to release this record.
Excellent sound.

2CD MYTO 00336
13,33 HT (TVA 20%)

Ernani-Verdi 2CDErnani-Verdi 2CD      Ref: H337
An other Ernani with Del Monaco? Come on, MYTO publishers no better idea?

The Italians are saying: every recording with Del Monaco is a must and important.
We think a little different. There are so much excellent live recordings with Del Monaco as Ernani in our catalog that an other one is actually not needed. But...we listened to the mastertape and came to the conclusion, we have to release it, too. Mario Del Monaco is amazing as usual, Cornell MacNeil excellent and finally the reason why we decide to offer it to the public: Floriana Cavalli as Elvira. Unfortunately this fantastic Soprano is not to often recorded, but we are happy to add an other record to her legacy. Conducted by Gabriele Santini, Rome Opera, live 06.12.1961
First release on any format – a thrilling performance is warranted. With interviews of the singers during pauses preserved on the CD for eternity now, too!
Ideal for reviews. We are sure they will all agree with us that it was a good idea to put an other Ernani on the market.

2CD MYTO 00337
13,33 HT (TVA 20%)

Norma - BelliniNorma - Bellini      Ref: H151
Le commencement de la fin: Callas, Corelli, Pirazzini, Neri (arret à la ifn du 1er acte) Rome le 2 janvier 1958
7,53 HT (TVA 20%)

Norma - Bellini 2CDNorma - Bellini 2CD      Ref: H142
Cerquetti, Corelli, Pirazzini, Neri
Santini Rome le 4 janvier 1958
13,33 HT (TVA 20%)

Guglielmo Tell Rossini 2CDGuglielmo Tell Rossini 2CD      Ref: H162
Silveri, Filippeschi, Arié, Rovere,
Nino Sanzogno Rome 1954
12,50 HT (TVA 20%)

Giorgio LambertiGiorgio Lamberti      Ref: H178
I Lombardi, Ernani, Macbeth, 31airs
9,20 HT (TVA 20%)